Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Hey guys!
I figured i'd post a quick update since i haven't made a post in a while and I have nothing in particular to write about. Unfortunately, I still haven't found my Fresh perfume that i lost (pretty pissed about this still) and am going to have to purchase a new one if it doesn't show up soon because I love it that much.

As you may have noticed (or probably not since i have no followers and no one reads this, maybe someday) I changed my blog name to Little Red. This is a name that my boyfriend started calling me as a joke after i started dying my hair with henna. My hair is naturally curly and has a red tone as it is, but seeing as i'd never dyed my hair before henna, i decided i wanted a change. I have naturally curly hair and henna is not only a natural hair dye, but it is also conditioning. It stains your hair red and is a permanent dye and will not wash out or fade.

I did a henna dye over night last night with a new type of henna called Jamila and am waiting to see how it turns out since it takes 3-5 days to completely oxidize to the true color (not such a great thing for super impatient people like me). But anyways, if you wanna know more about how to use henna to dye your hair or things along that line just let me know.

I'm now just hanging around at my house waiting for my boyfriend to wake up, mind you it's 6pm here and he's still sleeping. He's messed up his sleeping schedule to say the least. But, that's about all i have to say. Talk to you soon!


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